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大地のおきて Law of the Earth Unnatural Selection?
時の最果て The Farthest Reaches of Time The End of Time

Ayla's back in the party, and it's time to take her for a few visits, now that it's possible to leave the Primeval era with her.


Spekkio: Th, this's one sexy babe!
But babe, you were born before an
era that had magic.
You're dynamite, but magic's a no-go.

SPEKKIO: All right!
 Unfortunately, you were born before
 magic existed! But you seem to have
 other skills that will get you by.

With the way Ayla's been learning skills, that's not really very surprising. One more stop before getting back to the main plotline....

クロノの家 A.D.1000 Crono's House Crono's house

Gina is wandering around the house, as usual.

ジナ「あらあら、あなた! お名前は? Gina: Oh dear me, look at you! Your name?

MOM: Gracious!
Who're you?

エイラ「エイラ いう。 Ayla: Called Ayla. Ayla: Me Ayla.

Gina: Ayla-san....
Young girls shouldn't walk around
looking like that, should they.

MOM: Ayla...
A young lady doesn't dress like that,

エイラ「エイラ コレ…… Ayla: Ayla, this.... Ayla: But, Ayla like...
ジナ「返事は『はい』です! Gina: The answer is "okay"! MOM: Say "Yes, ma'am!"
  クロ 母親も強いな……。

Ayla: Cro....
Cro mother strong too....

Ayla: Crono strong...
Crono mother strong, too!

ティラン城 B.C.65 million Tyran Castle Tyrano Lair

With the Pteran, the party can fly all over the prehistoric world. Flying is faster than walking, and allows access to a high plateau over a massive lava flow, where there is a large structure that looks almost futuristic from the outside. Tyran Castle plays inside, and the place is full of Dinomen and other assorted violent prehistoric creates. The interior is made mostly of rock and bones, with torches of odd design giving light. Downstairs, the party finds a large cell full of villagers from Laruba. They fight off the guards and release the prisoners, who run off in a panic. Futher down, three Dinomen face another cell.

牢番「われら、これから ウタゲ!

Jailer: We're having a banquet after this!
You guys'll be cooked, on a dish, ghgehgeh.

JAILER: Thanks for bringing, er, being
the main course!

One of them notices Crono and Ayla.

見張り「!! サルどもぎゃ!! Lookout: !! It's the monkeys!! GUARD: It's the apes!!!

The jailers don't last any longer than the others. With them out of the way, Kino walks to the front of the cell. Crono tries the switch, but the bars won't open.

キーノ「エイラ! Kino: Ayla! KINO: Ayla!
エイラ「キーノ 下がる!
  エイラ 助ける!

Ayla: Kino get back!
Ayla rescue!

Ayla: Kino get back!
Ayla save you!

Ayla fiddles with the bars, but they won't move. She tries something else and gets flipped into the cell.

マール「スッゴーい! Marle: AMAZING! Marle: Wow!
Lucca: What's the point of you going in too!?

Lucca: What are you doing in

Robo: I do NOT feel that method is logical....

Robo: That method does not
appear to be rational.

カエル「うぬ。 Frog: Um. Frog: Hmmph.
キーノ「エイラ ゴメン。
Kino: Ayla, sorry. Kino's fault.

KINO: Sorry Ayla.
All Kino's fault.

エイラ「そんな事 いい。
  それより キーノ ラルバの村人と
  先 逃げる!

Ayla: That stuff not matter.
More important, Kino escape ahead
with Laruba villagers!

Ayla: No matter.
Kino escape with Laruba villagers!

キーノ「エイラ どーする? Kino: What Ayla do? Kino: What Ayla do?
エイラ「大地のおきて通り ケリ
  付け 行く。
Ayla: Go settle things by Law of Earth. Ayla: Put end to this!
キーノ「キーノ いっしょ 行く! Kino: Kino go together! KINO: Kino go too!
エイラ「キーノ 来る ダメ。
  エイラ 負けたら キーノ
  イオカ 酋長……!

Ayla: Kino come, no good.
If Ayla lose, Kino Ioka chief...!

Ayla: Kino no come.
If Ayla dead, Kino new chief of

キーノ「エイラ……。 Kino: Ayla.... KINO: Ayla...

Ayla goes back to messing with the bars, and breaks out.

エイラ「エイラ 強い。

Ayla: Ayla strong.
Not lose!

Ayla: Ayla strong.
No lose!

キーノ「わかった エイラ
  キーノ いいこと おしえる!

Kino: Got it, Ayla.
Kino teach good thing!

KINO: Kino understand.
And show you something!

Kino leads them back to the first floor and opens a skeletal dinosaur jaw, revealing a passage to the higher floors.

オマエ達強い。 オレ弱い。
Yous strong. Me weak.
You strong, me weak.
Ayla good chief!

Kino leaves. The others continue on. There are lots of buttons and switches that do various things, but none of them are very complicated. One annoying room has invisible teleporters all over. After a while, they come to a familiar muscular bipedal triceratops.

You can try talking to him.

ニズベール「アザーラなら、この奥だぜ。 Nizbel: Azarla's just past here. NIZBEL: Azala's in the back.

Nizbel makes no move to stop them from passing and reaching a save point, but runs up as they approach the stairs in the back.


Nizbel: Wait.
It's not simply just past here. It's just past
beating me, the great returned Nizbel!

NIZBEL: Hold it.
This is a special place.
The great Nizbel was defeated here!

There's worldplay here; 奥 (oku) usually means the inside of a place, but can also refer to the near future. While この奥 in the line before this one would normally mean "in here", Nizbel actually uses the "near future" meaning, so it means "after this", as he explains here.

Alternately, you can ignore him and head right in.


Nizbel: Hey, hey.
You've got plenty of guts to ignore me,
the great Nizbel!

NIZBEL: Well, well!
Out for a little stroll, are we?

Either way, it's boss time. The battle screen calls this one ニズベールR (Nizbel R), possibly short for "returned" (it's "Nizbel II" in the NA version). Lightning attacks lower his defense (cumulatively), and all other attacks raise it. Nizbel R, unlike the original, can still attack when shocked. He'll also periodically let off an electric charge, damaging all allies and recovering some defense. Ayla can steal Third Eye again in this battle. There's another floor after Nizbel, with another room with buttons in the floor. The trick here is to ignore the buttons and open the skeletal jaw in the back directly. The switch inside opens the door to Azarla's throne room....


Azarla: So you really did come....
It looks like this will be the last match.
Sooner or later, we must decide it....
We Dinomen, or you monkeys?
Which will survive on this earth?

AZALA: are here at last.
This is it, then.
The showdown.
Today there shall be a conclusion.
Will it be the Reptites, or you silly
apes who end up ruling the world?

エイラ「それ 決める 大地のおきて。
  エイラ 戦うだけ!

Ayla: Law of Earth decide that.
Ayla just fight!

Ayla: Strong survive.
Ayla strong.
Ayla fight!

A terrifying roar shakes the castle.


Azarla: Did you hear the voice just now?
Huhu, I'll let you listen amply after this!

AZALA: Hear that lovely voice?
You'll soon become the best of

Azarla hops over the throne and leaves through a door in the back. The others follow, crossing a bridge outdoors. Azarla is perched on a giant black T-Rex, looking toward a sparkling red star.


Azarla: Foul red star....
Go ahead and fall.
And may you dye the earth red!

AZALA: Red star...
Stain the earth...RED!

Azarla turns to confront Crono, Ayla, and whoever else came.


Azarla: Even assuming our destiny is
to perish, we cannot simply stand
aside for the likes of monkeys!
This Black Tyranno will wipe you
monkeys from history permanently!

AZALA: Though it may be our fate to
perish, we will not simply hand this
world over to you!
Mwa ha ha! With this Black
Tyrano I can finally exterminate
those filthy apes!

Boss Battle 2 plays. Both Azarla and the Black Tyranno are targets, but the Tyranno is barely hurt by anything, and Azarla is only vulnerable to magic. Ayla can and should steal a Magic Capsule from Azarla and a Power Capsule from the Tyranno. Azarla uses a number of telekinetic attacks, none of which are very strong, and is out of commission after only a few hits from magic. And that's when the real battle begins. The Tyranno soon drops its defenses, but starts counting down. Whenever the counter reaches zero, it unleashes a powerful fire breath attack on all allies. Wearing Ruby Armor (for fire resistance) helps. After the flame breath, the Tyranno recovers some defense, until it starts counting down again. Eventually, the Tyranno goes down (1800 exp, 25 tech points), and Azarla crawls out. At the Bottom of Night plays.

  クッ、サル共よ聞け。 そして伝えよ。

Azarla: Uuu....
Can this mean the heavens have
chosen you monkeys...?
Kh, listen, monkeys. And pass it on.
We Dinomen challenged fate to
battle and perished proudly...!

AZALA: can't be...!
Could the heavens truly have sided
with the apes?
Listen, primates, and let it be known.
We Reptites fought bravely to the
bitter end!

エイラ「わかった……。 Ayla: Got it.... Ayla: Ayla understand...

There's a flash of red light.

エイラ「!? Ayla: !? Ayla: !?

Several more flashes of red light.


Azarla: To begin with, the great rock
clad in flame will come falling....
The searing fireball will burn all to naught.
The scorched earth will at length begin
to cool, and a long harsh era will come
when everything will freeze over....
Huhu, is it not appropriate that we should
be the ones to bring the era to a close...?

AZALA: Soon, stones of fire will rain
Flames shall scorch the land.
The burned-out plains will slowly
freeze, ushering in a long, cruel ice
Mwa, ha ha...what a treat!
You will wish you went along with us!
Mwa ha!

エイラ「ラヴォス……。 Ayla: Lavos.... Ayla: Lavos...
マール「え? Marle: Huh? Marle: Pardon?
ルッカ「ラ ラヴォス!? Lucca: L, Lavos!? Lucca: La...Lavos!?
ロボ「ラヴォス……、まさか! Robo: Lavos... it cannot be! Robo: Lavos...Impossible!

Frog doesn't say anything if he's here.

Brief cutscene: A big red spikey ball flies through space and falls toward the planet. Cut back to Ayla and the others.

  ラ 火の事。
  ヴォス 大きい事……。

Ayla: Aylas' word.
La, fire.
Vos, big....

Ayla: Ayla's word.
"La" mean fire.
"Vos" mean big...

There's a roaring noise, and another flash of red light. Lavos's Theme starts playing.

「エイラーッ! "AYLA!! Ayla!

Several Pteran fly up, with Kino riding one.

エイラ「キーノ! Ayla: Kino! Ayla: Kino!

Kino has them land, and dismounts.

  ラヴォス おりて来る!
  みな プテラン 乗る!
  キーノ! いそげ!!

Ayla: We hurry!
Lavos come falling!
All ride Pteran!
Kino! Hurry!!

Ayla: Hurry!
Lavos come soon!
All ride Dactyl!

Everyone except Azarla gets on board. Ayla gets back off.


Kino: Ayla!
What you doing!?

Kino: Ayla!
What you do?!

エイラ「こい! アザーラ! こい! Ayla: Come! Azarla! Come!

Ayla: Come!


Azarla: No!
This is what the earth has decided!

AZALA: Absolutely not!
The powers that be have spoken.

エイラ「…… Ayla: ...... Ayla: ...
キーノ「エイラ! はやく!!! Kino: Ayla! Quick!!!

Kino: Ayla!

Ayla gets back on board the Pteran with Kino.


Ayla: Azarla
I not forget....

Ayla: Azala... not forget...

アザーラ「未来…… Azarla: Future.... AZALA: The future...

Ayla: Future?
What about future?

Ayla: Future?
What about future?

アザーラ「未来を…… Azarla: The future.... AZALA: We...have no future...

"Future" is used as a direct object here, or something that's being passed through (like "seas" in "sailing the seas"). Other than that, who knows? Possibilities include everything from "The ball of fire will destroy the future" to "I entrust the future to you" to "Living through such a lousy future means it sucks to be you!", but there's no way to be sure.

The Pterans take off, and the music stops. A great ball of fire falls down and smacks into Tyran Castle, setting off a huge explosion. The same hideous scream that is heard every time Lavos makes an appearance is again heard. Scene change to a cliffside near the impact. The only sound is wind noises.


Marle: Lavos came falling in this

Marle: So!
Lavos descended in this era!


Lucca: Lavos came flying down
in this era....

Lucca: So Lavos arrived in this


Robo: Lavos's birth was not
Royal Year 600, but this era.

Robo: So Lavos was "born" here...

Frog: So it's not that Magus gave
birth to it, but rather that it fell
from the sky.
In such an ancient time....

Frog: Through no fault of
Magus does Lavos live!
Lavos hath fallen from the sky in
ancient times.

エイラ「ラヴォス スゴいな。
  クロ達 あれと 勝負するか?
  クロ! ラヴォス おりた所

Ayla: Lavos amazing.
Cros have match with that?
Cro! Try going place where
Lavos fell!

Ayla: Lavos huge!
Crono fight it?
We go where Lavos fall!

Ayla runs ahead.


Marle: It's only just fallen, so we
might be able to do something!
Let's try going!

Marle: It just arrived so there may
be something we can do!
Let's go see!


Lucca: Good point, if we go now,
maybe we can do something....
Let's try going!

Lucca: We may be able to do
 something now!
 Let's go find out!
  ないはずデス。 行きマショウ!

Robo: If we go now, it OUGHT not have
considerable power. LET US go!

Robo: Lavos should be weaker
Perhaps we can put an end to him?!


Frog: So then if we leave it alone,
it'll grow up inside the ground?
If we're doing something, now's the time!

Frog: Left unscathed, it will
burrow deep within the earth.
Best to defeat it now!

ティラン城跡 B.C.65 million Tyran Castle Ruins Lair Ruins

There's a huge crater where the castle used to be. The party investigates. Lavos doesn't seem to be around, but there's something else of interest....

マール「ゲートが出来てる! Marle: A Gate's formed! Marle: Th, there's a Gate!
ルッカ「ゲート!? こんな所に? Lucca: A Gate!? In a place like this? Lucca: Why is there a Gate here?!
ロボ「ゲートが出来ていマス! Robo: A Gate HAS appeared! Robo: A Gate has formed!
カエル「ゲートか? Frog: A Gate? Frog: 'Tis a Gate?
エイラ「ラヴォス……、すごく 早い!
  大地の奥 深く もぐってる。

Ayla: Lavos... wild fast!
Is dived deep into earth.

Ayla: Lavos very fast!
Deep under earth already.


Marle: This Gate appeared
because of Lavos.
I'll bet Lavos's power is affecting
all the Gates too.

Marle: This Gate was made by
Maybe Lavos is the source of all


Lucca: Oh... I get it!
The vast energy of Lavos itself warps
spacetime and gives birth to Gates.

Lucca: Now I understand!
The immense energy that Lavos
gives off alters time and creates


Robo: The Gates, DOES NOT
Lavos's energy perhaps distort
spacetime and produce them?

Robo: It appears that the immense
 energy that Lavos radiates alters
 time and creates Gates.

Frog: H, hey, didn't this appear
because of THAT?
The one at Magus Castle
was ridiculously huge.

Frog: M, mayhap Lavos be the
cause of this warp?
The one in Magus's Castle was

エイラ「どした クロ。
  ラヴォス 戦うなら ここ入る

Ayla: What wrong, Cro?
If fight Lavos, go in here, right?

Ayla: What wrong, Crono?
Fight Lavos!
Go in here.

Ayla may leave the party as soon as this bit of dialog is over. The party passes through the Gate, and into the unknown... again....

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