Location Names

These lists are dumped straight from the ROMs.

Some names vary based on what the player has named certain characters; these are listed with the character names in {}.

JP Version Name Translated NA Version Name
町長のやしき Mayor's Manor Mayor's Manor
民家 Private House Residence
{Crono}の家 {Crono}'s House {Crono}'s house
{Lucca}の家 {Lucca}'s House {Lucca}'s house
ゴブの家 Gob's House Gobb's house
 Most likely the above was meant for the friendly goblin's house in Medina, but it's just another 'private home' in game.
トルース町の宿屋 Truce City Inn Truce Inn
まきがい亭 Snail (shop/eatery name) Snail Stop
永遠のいこい亭 Eternal Rest (shop/eatery name) Eternal repose
さざなみ亭 Ripple (shop/eatery name) Breakwave Pt.
 The names Eternal Rest and Ripple aren't used, so it's anyone's guess what they are.
リーネ広場 Leene Square Leene Square
グッズマーケット Goods Market Market
パレポリ町の宿屋 Parepoley City Inn Porre Inn
定期船事務所 Ferry Office Ticket Office
ガルディアの森 Guardia Forest Guardia Forest
ガルディア城 Guardia Castle Guardia Castle
ゼナンの橋 Zenan Bridge Zenan Bridge
ボッシュの小屋 Bosch's Hut Melchior's Hut
北の森の遺跡 Northern Forest Ancient Ruins Forest Ruins
ヘケランの洞窟 Hekeran's Cave Heckran Cave
フィオナ神殿 Fiona Temple Fiona's Shrine
西の岬 Western Cape West Cape
光のほこら Shrine of Light Sun Keep
勇者の墓 Hero's Tomb Hero's Grave
トルース村の裏山 Truce Village Back Hills Truce Canyon
マノリア修道院 Manoria Abbey Cathedral
お化けカエルの森 Frog Monster's Woods Cursed Woods
デナドロ山 Denadoro Mountains Denadoro Mts
タータの家 Tartar's House Tata's House
フィオナの小屋 Fiona's Hut Fiona's Villa
地底砂漠 Subterranean Desert Sunken Desert
魔岩窟 Demon Cavern Magic Cave
{Magus}城 {Magus} Castle {Magus}'s Lair
ビネガーのやかた Vinegar's Manor Ozzie's Fort
This entry is blank in both versions
村長の家 Chief's House Elder's House
北の廃墟 Northern Ruins Northern Ruins
This entry is blank in both versions
バンゴドーム Bango Dome Bangor Dome
トランドーム Tran Dome Trann Dome
16号廃墟 #16 Ruins Lab 16
アリスドーム Aris Dome Arris Dome
32号廃墟 #32 Ruins Lab 32
プロメテドーム Promethe Dome Proto Dome
工場跡 Factory Ruins Factory
地下水道跡 Underground Waterway Ruins Sewer Access
監視者のドーム Guardian's Dome Keeper's Dome
死の山 Death Mountain Death Peak
ジェノサイドーム Genocidome Geno Dome
太陽神殿 Sun Temple Sun Palace
ロボット村 Robot Village Robot village
 A leaked prerelease version of the game has a location on the A.D.2300 map that looks like a colloseum. Could that have been the Robot Village? No location in the final release seems to match.
不思議山 Mystery Mountains Mystic Mts
イオカ村のテント Ioka Village Tent Ioka Hut
酋長のテント Chief's Tent Chief's Hut
村の広場 Village Square Meeting Site
まよいの森 Bewilderment Forest Forest Maze
恐竜人アジト Dinomen Hideout Reptite Lair
かりの森 Hunting Forest Hunting Range
プテランの巣 Pteran Nest Dactyl Nest
ティラン城 Tyran Castle Tyrano Lair
歌う山 Singing Mountain Chanting Mt
 Singing Mountain does not exist in the final release, but a likely candidate was found on the B.C.65 million map in a leaked prelease, as was a mixed cave and mountain area that is a probable match. The music for the area also appears on the official sound track.
小さな洞窟 Small Cave Cave
エンハーサ Enharsa Enhasa
カジャール Kajarl Kajar
黒鳥号 The Blackbird Blackbird
北の封印宮 Northern Sealed Shrine North Keep
地の民の洞窟 Earth People's Cave Terra Cave
ジール宮殿 Zeal Palace Zeal Palace
海底神殿ビマーナ Ocean Floor Temple Vimanam Ocean Palace
 Since you can't walk to the Ocean Floor Temple from the map, the entry above is never used, but it's there.
 And thanks to Google searches, guesswork, and cross-referencing, I've finally figured out what ビマーナ means. It's a style of (Asian) Indian architecture used in many Hindu temples. In English, it's written 'Vimanam', and the term 'Sikhara' refers to the same thing. Also see Wikipedia.
残された村 Spared Village Last Village
北の岬 Northern Cape North Cape
ラヴォス外かく Lavos Shell Exoskeleton
 Though you can't walk to Lavos's shell, it still has an entry in the list of place names.
This entry is blank in both versions
This entry is blank in both versions
パブ Pub Cafe
メディーナ村広場 Medina Village Square Medina Square
黒の夢 Black Dream Black Omen
岬のうず Cape Swirl Vortex Pt
天への道 Road to the Sky Skyway
地への道 Road to the Earth Land Bridge
{Ayla}のテント {Ayla}'s Tent {Ayla}'s tent
ラルバ村のやけ跡 Laruba Village's Burnt Remains Laruba ruins
ティラン城跡 Tyran Castle Ruins Lair Ruins
残された村の広場 Spared Village Square Commons
メディーナ村の宿 Medina Village Inn Medina Inn
チョラス町の宿屋 Choras City Inn Choras Inn
トルース村の宿屋 Truce Village Inn Truce Inn
サンドリノ村の宿 Sandrino Village Inn Dorino Inn
パレポリ村の宿 Parepoley Village Inn Porre Inn
チョラス村の宿 Choras Village Inn Choras Inn
巨人のツメ Giant's Claw Giant's Claw

Monster Names

Like the place names, these are dumped straight from the ROMs.

The current version of this table was translated without looking at the monsters, so I might be overlooking some very obvious things.

# JP Version Name Translated NA Version Name
0 ヌゥ       Nu Nu
 'Nu' is an (extremely) uncommon reading of the kanji 寝 = sleep. Maybe there's a connection, since they always seem to be sleeping.
1 きょうりゅうじん Dinoman Reptite
 The weaker type that appears in the Dinomen Hideout and elsewhere.
2 キョジュウ    Giant Beast Terrasaur
3 マモ       Mamo Kilwala
 No apparent meaning.
4 クロウリーさま  Crawlie-sama Krawlie
5 魔王のしもべ   Servant of Magus Hench
6 オミクロン    Omicron Omicrone
 No apparent meaning.
 According to The Chrono Compendium, this is the one that summons some monsters in the Ocean Floor Temple, then runs away. You can't fight it without modification.
7 ブラックサイト  Black Site Martello
8 ベル       Bell Bellbird
9 ウォール     Wall Panel
10 まじんき     Demon Machine Mammon M.
11 あき       (vacant) [blank]
12 ジャリー     Jarry Blue Imp
 Possibly related to じゃり (jary) = gravel
13 ジャリー     Jarry Green Imp
14 ジャリアン    Jarrian Stone Imp
15 ドロクイつかい  Mud-Eater Trainer Mud Imp
16 まるまじろ    Marumajiro Roly
 'Maru' is probably 丸 = round, but I can't guess what the rest is supposed to mean.
17 わるまじろ    Warumajiro Poly
 'Waru' is probably 悪 = bad/evil.
18 まるまじろR   Marumajiro R Rolypoly
19 まるまじライダー Marumaji rider Roly Rider
20 Giga Gaia's left arm (on the right side of the screen), Lavos version. No name.
21 コッカドゥドゥ  Cockadoodle Blue Eaglet
22 ホォーホォ    Ho-ho Gold Eaglet
 This vaguely resembles ほうおう (houou = phoenix), but otherwise has no apparent meaning.
23 ボォーボォ    Bo-bo Red Eaglet
 No apparent meaning, other than the obvious similarity to the previous name.
24 Giga Gaia's right arm (on the left side of the screen), Lavos version. No name.
25 プチカラミティ  Mini Calamity Avian Chaos
26 ジャリバード   Jarry Bird Imp Ace
27 バードコマンド  Bird Commando Bantam Imp
28 バイター     Biter Gnasher
29 ソシャック    Chomp Gnawer
30 ミアンヌ     Mianu Naga-ette
 No apparent meaning.
31 This name is blank in both versions
32 ツインカム    Twin Bite Ruminator
33 This name is blank in both versions
34 ルインストーカー Ruin Stalker Octopod
35 ケイブケイオス  Cave Chaos Octoblush
36 アルビノ     Albino Octobino
 Doesn't appear anywhere. Can't fight without modification.
37 ジール      Zeal Zeal
 First battle.
38 ラッフルシア   Rafflesia Fly Trap
 Rafflesia is a genus of giant parasitic flower. It's also a fairly common foe in RPGs, and often badly misspelled.
39 プラントラー   Plantler Meat Eater
40 たかねのはな   Mountain Peak Flower Man Eater
 たかねのはな also figurately means something that's visible but unattainable.
41 イーター     Eater Krakker
42 エッガー     Egger Egder
43 ボーンナム    Bone Nam Defunct
44 ボーンナム    Bone Nam Departed
45 スケルトン    Skeleton Deceased
46 ランサー     Lancer Decedent
47 マカーバ     Macabre Macabre
48 アナトミー    Anatomy Reaper
 At least, that's what it sounds like, even if it doesn't make sense.
49 インナーガード  Inner Guard Guard
50 ナイトゴースト  Knight Ghost Sentry
51 フリーランサー  Freelancer Free Lancer
52 アウトロウ    Outlaw Outlaw
53 ギガミュータント Giga Mutant Giga Mutant
54 Giga Mutant's 'foot', has no name.
55 テラミュータント Tera Mutant TerraMutant
56 Tera Mutant's 'foot', has no name.
57 ジャグラー    Juggler Juggler
58 メルフィック   Melfikk Retinite
 'Melfikk' doesn't seem to mean anything, so I just picked a spelling that looked good.
59 ジールメイジ   Zeal Mage Mage
60 This name is blank in both versions
61 きょうりゅうじん Dinoman Reptite
 The stronger type that appears in the Tyran Castle.
62 えいへい     Sentinel Blue Shield
63 えいへい     Sentinel Yodu De
64 エィユーのたて  Hero's Shield Incognito
65 エィユーのたて  Hero's Shield PeepingDoom
66 さまようもの   Wandering One Boss Orb
67 たゆとうもの   Drifting One Side Kick
68 This name is blank in both versions
69 クライン     Kline Jinn Bottle
 A Kline bottle is sort of a three-dimensional equivalent of a Mobius strip. Because of the nature of the shape, it can't actually exist in fewer than four dimensions.
70 エイシトビートル Aycit Beetle Evilweevil
 'Beetle' is obvious, but the first part has no apparent meaning.
71 カブトシュリンプ Helmet Shrimp Tempurite
72 ディアブロス   Diablos Diablos
73 モンクガーゴイル Monk Gargoyle Gargoyle
74 スカッシャー   Squasher Grimalkin
75 魔王のしもべ   Servant of Magus Hench
76 しょくようがえる Edible Frog T'pole
77 げんしガエル   Primeval Frog Croaker
78 げんしガエル   Primeval Frog Amphibite
79 オーファン    Orphan Bull Frog
 According to The Chrono Compendium, these are the frogs you see in the Underground Waterway. You can't actually fight them without modification.
80 マッドバット   Mad Bat Mad Bat
81 バンプット    Vamput Vamp
82 スカウター    Scouter Scouter
83 プチアーリマン  Mini Ahriman Flyclops
84 マウスハンター  Mouse Hunter Bugger
85 デバッガー    Debugger Debugger
86 デバッガープラス Debugger Plus Debuggest
87 ソーサラー    Sorcerer Sorcerer
88 ミリオン     Million Jinn
89 ビリオン     Billion Barghest
90 This name is blank in both versions
91 クレェタ     Crater Crater
92 ドッカン     Kaboom Volcano
93 サルガッサ    Monkey Gasser Shitake
 I'm not positive on this one, but it could be that.
94 モスティ     Mosstie Hetake
 No apparent meaning beyond 'moss'.
95 イワン      Rokk Rubble
 The Japanese is spelled a bit oddly, so I made the English spelled oddly too.
96 This name is blank in both versions
97 ゲンブ      Genbu Shist
 One of the four mythological Chinese gods who govern the four quadrents of the sky, Genbu (玄武 in kanji) appears as a tortoise and rules over water and the northern sky.
98 ゲンブ      Genbu Pahoehoe
 See the above entry.
99 ドンドラゴ    Dondrago Nereid
 No apparent meaning, other than the similarity to #101.
100 The fake save points in Magus's Castle, no name.
101 サンドラゴ    Sandrago Mohavor
 'Sand' makes sense, but there's otherwise no apparent meaning except the similarity to #99.
102 シルエット    Silhouette Shadow
103 あき       (vacant) [blank]
104 イド       Id Base
105 アシッド     Acid Acid
106 アルカリィ    Alkali Alkaline
107 レイニー     Rainy Ion
108 レイニー     Rainy Anion
109 オーメン     Omen Thrasher
110 The 'head' of Mini Lavos R, found in the Black Dream. No name.
111 プチラヴォスR  Mini Lavos R Lavos Spawn
112 カーヴィナ    Karvina Lasher
 No apparent meaning.
113 オウガン     Ougan Goblin
 Without hammer. No apparent meaning.
114 もんすたー    MONSTER Ogre
 According to The Chrono Compendium, these are the monsters that fall off the conveyor belt in Vinegar's Manor. You can't actually fight them without modification.
115 どうくつこうもり Cave Bat Cave Bat
116 オウガン     Ougan Ogan
 With hammer. No apparent meaning.
117 魔王のしもべ   Servant of Magus Flunky
118 魔王のしもべ   Servant of Magus Groupie
119 This name is blank in both versions
120 This name is blank in both versions
121 バオバオ     Baobao Winged Ape
122 サンタナ     Santana Cave Ape
123 ドデッカダッダ  Dodekkadadda Megasaur
 No apparent meaning. デッカ could be from でかい = huge.
124 ギア       Gia/Gear Omnicrone
 This is the one found in the Guardia Castle dungeon.
125 ドロクイ     Mud-Eater Beast
126 ドロクイL    Mud-Eater L Blue Beast
127 ドロクイR    Mud-Eater R Red Beast
128 サイト      Site Turret
129 ティランカイト  Tyran Kite Lizardactyl
130 No name. This is an alternate Nuu that has no rewards for winning, nothing to steal, and less magic power than usual. I'm not sure where/if it's used.
131 ティラングライダ Tyran Glider Avian Rex
132 ノヘ       Nohey Blob
 No apparent meaning.
133 ガズー      Gazoo Alien
 No apparent meaning.
134 ラットラー    Ratler Rat
135 グレミング    Gremling Gremlin
136 タッタ      Tartar Runner
137 バージョン2、0 Version 2.0 Proto 2
138 バージョン3、0 Version 3.0 Proto 3
139 バージョン4、0 Version 4.0 Proto 4
140 バグ       Bug Bug
141 スカラベー    Scarabée Beetle
 Thanks to Mew seeker for noticing that the pronunciation matches the French word scarabée, meaning 'scarab'.
142 デイブ      Dave Goon
143 サイラス     Cyrus Cyrus
144 ヤクラ      Yakra Yakra
 No apparent meaning.
145 げんしガエル   Primeval Frog Rain Frog
146 ゴンザレス    Gonzales Gato
147 ドラゴンせんしゃ Dragon Tank Dragon Tank
148 しゃりん     Wheel Grinder
149 ダルトンゴーレム Dalton Golem Golem
150 ルインゴーレム  Ruin Golem Synchrite
151 グラン      Gran Masa
152 リオン      Leon Mune
153 グランとリオン  Gran and Leon Masa & Mune
154 アザーラ     Azarla Azala
155 ニズベール    Nizbel Nizbel
 No apparent meaning.
156 ニズベールR   Nizbel R Nizbel II
157 ソイソー     Soy Sauce Slash
 Magus's Castle version, without sword.
158 ソイソー     Soy Sauce Slash
 Magus's Castle version, with sword.
159 マヨネー     Mayonnaise Flea
 Magus's Castle version.
160 スーパーマヨネー Super Mayonnaise Flea Plus
 Three on three battle.
161 ダルトン     Dalton Dalton
162 ダルトンR    Dalton R Dalton Plus
163 ミュータント   Mutant Mutant
164 メタルミュー   Metal Myu Metal Mute
 Short for 'mutant', of course.
165 スーパーソイソー Super Soy Sauce Super Slash
 Three on three battle.
166 ビネガー     Vinegar Ozzie
 Probably the version on Zenan Bridge.
167 ビネガー     Vinegar Ozzie
 Magus's Castle version.
168 グレートビネガー Great Vinegar Great Ozzie
169 ヘケラン     Hekeran Heckran
 No apparent meaning.
170 エイシトサウルス Aycit Saurus Gigasaur
 'Saurus' is obvious, the rest has no apparent meaning.
171 エイシトニクス  Aycit Nix Leaper
 No apparent meaning.
172 フォシルエイプ  Fossil Ape Fossil Ape
173 あたま      Head Tank Head
174 カエルだい王   Great Frog King Frog King
 Battles Cyrus in Frog's flashback, and doesn't appear elsewhere.
175 ジャリボウズ   Jarry Priest Octorider
 Appears only in the programmers ending. Can't fight without modification.
176 ジール      Zeal Zeal
 The head in the second battle.
177 Zeal's right hand (on the left side of the screen), no name.
178 Zeal's left hand (on the right side of the screen), no name.
179 ジャンクドラガー Junkdragar Zombor
 This is only the beast's bottom half.
180 Junkdragar's top half, no name.
181 Melfikk's legs, no name.
182 Melfikk's head and torso, no name.
183 ディスプレイ   Display Display
184 メガミュータント Mega Mutant Mega Mutant
185 Mega Mutant's 'foot', no name.
186 スーパーソイソー Super Soy Sauce Super Slash
 One on three battle.
187 スーパーマヨネー Super Mayonnaise Flea Plus
 One on three battle.
188 ブラックティラノ Black Tyranno BlackTyrano
189 ルストティラノ  Rust (or Last) Tyranno Rust Tyrano
190 マザーブレーン  Mother Brain MotherBrain
191 This name is blank in both versions
192 アトロポス145 Atropos 145 Atropos XR
193 ダイゴロー    Daigorou Cybot
 No apparent meaning. Could be a person's name.
194 ラヴォス     Lavos Lavos
 Imitating Guard Machine.
195 ラヴォス     Lavos Lavos
 Imitating Hekeran.
196 ラヴォス     Lavos Lavos
 Imitating Junkdragar (top half).
197 ラヴォス     Lavos Lavos
 Imitating Gran and Leon.
198 ラヴォス     Lavos Lavos
 Imitating Nizbel.
199 ヤクラ13せい  Yakra the 13th Yakra XIII
200 ファットビースト Fat Beast Tubster
201 ラヴォス     Lavos Lavos
 Imitating Magus.
202 ラヴォス     Lavos Lavos
 Imitating Dragon Tank .
203 Lavos interior, torso. No name.
204 Lavos interior, right arm (on the left side of the screen). No name.
205 ラヴォス     Lavos Lavos
 Interior, left arm (on the right side of the screen).
206 ラヴォスコア   Lavos Core Lavos Core
 Center part.
207 ビット      Bit Bit
208 バイト      Byte Byte
209 ギガガイア    Giga Gaia Giga Gaia
210 Giga Gaia's left arm (on the right side of the screen), no name.
211 Giga Gaia's right arm (on the left side of the screen), no name.
212 ガードマシン   Guard Machine Guardian
213 スカウターレッド Scouter Red Red Scout
214 スカウターブルー Scouter Blue Blue Scout
215 プチラヴォス   Mini Lavos Lavos Spawn
216 The 'head' of the above Mini Lavos, fought on Death Mountain. No name.
217 レーザーサイト  Laser Site Laser Guard
218 Dragon Tank head, Lavos version. No name.
219 Dragon Tank wheel, Lavos version. No name.
220 Bit, Lavos version. No name.
221 This name is blank in both versions
222 Junkdragar bottom half, Lavos version. No name.
223 Azarla, Lavos version. No name.
224 スペッキオ    Spekkio Spekkio
225 スペッキオ    Spekkio Spekkio
226 スペッキオ    Spekkio Spekkio
227 スペッキオ    Spekkio Spekkio
228 スペッキオ    Spekkio Spekkio
229 スペッキオ    Spekkio Spekkio
 Spekkio changes forms as your levels increase. His forms are listed from weakest to strongest.
230 ラヴォス     Lavos Lavos
 Imitating Black Tyranno.
231 ラヴォス     Lavos Lavos
 Imitating Giga Gaia.
232 ラヴォス     Lavos Lavos
233 ラヴォス     Lavos Lavos
234 ラヴォス     Lavos Lavos
235 ラヴォス     Lavos Lavos
 Ocean Floor Temple version, the one you're supposed to lose to.
236 ラヴォス     Lavos Lavos
 Normal version of the shell.
237 Lavos core bit, screen left. No name.
238 ララカルゴ    Lalacargo Hexapod
 No apparent meaning.
239 Lavos core bit, screen right. No name.
240 マヨネー?    Mayonnaise? Flea?
241 This name is blank in both versions
242 まるまじボンバー Marumaji Bomber Roly Bomber
243 マスターゴーレム Master Golem Golem Boss
244 もんすたー    MONSTER Johnny
 Appears only as an NPC. You can't fight him without modification.
245 ダルトンぶたい  Dalton Corps Basher
246 サン オブ サン Son (or Sun) of Sun (or Son) Son of Sun
247 Son of Sun's flames, no name.
248 Rシリーズ    R Series R Series
249 魔王       Magus Magus
 Magus's Castle version.
250 魔王       Magus Magus
 Northern Cape version.

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