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なげきの山の賢者様 The Philosopher on Grief Mountain The Guru on Mt.Woe
地の民の洞窟 B.C.12,000 Earth People's Cave Terra Cave

Silent Light plays. The cave has been converted into a primitive, but livable, village. Amusingly, they have better equipment for sale than the shops in Zeal do, including a sword for Frog that has even higher attack power than the Grandleon.

The Queen means to set up the Demonic
Vessel in the Abyssal Temple and
extract yet more energy from Lavos,
but is that really going to be okay?
I'm afraid the Philosopher of Life, who opposed it
as dangerous, was imprisoned on Grief Mountain.
There's nothing we can do any more....
The Queen put the Mammon Machine in
the Ocean Palace to absorb Lavos's
Is that safe?
She locked the Guru of Life up on the
Mountain of Woe for opposing her.
The situation's hopeless.

Elder: I heard from the Philosophers that
Jyaki-sama hides an incredible magical
power that surpasses even Sara-sama.
However, he hates that power, which drives the
Queen mad and torments Sara-sama, and along
with his heart... he has shut that power away.

OLD MAN: The Guru of Life said that Sir
 Janus has stronger powers than
 even Miss Schala!
 Janus must be using her and the
 Queen to get Lavos...

Ick. Horrible meaning distortion. Blech.

It's pretty much only the Three Philosophers and
Sara-sama who deign to treat us as equals.
Now, only the 3 Gurus and Miss Schala
treat us as equals.
Once, both the People of the Light and the People
of the Earth were one people who lived together.
Long ago, the Enlightened Ones and the
Earthbound Ones lived as one.
This hole continues into the Mud-Eater den.
The Mud-Eater den should lead to where the
chain that ties Grief Mountain to the earth is.
The hole leads to the Beast's nest.
Through the nest you'll reach the place
of chains, which anchors the Mountain
of Woe.

Mud-Eaters, as it turns out, are large, horned beasts. They start with low attack power, but it increases every time you hit them with anything. Use combo attacks for more damage with fewer hits. Ayla can and should steal from them, because the Rainbow Helmet they carry has high defense and halves Sky element damage. The creatures will also reappear if you leave the cave and return, and there's a free inn in the village, so feel free to stock up. At the far end of the cave, a brown goblin, a red Mud-Eater, and a blue Mud-Eater guard a large chain that continues up out of sight. The goblin speaks.

このから先は、と~さないもんね~! I ain't gonna let you through here! You can't pass through here!

It's a boss fight. The blue Mud-Eater is immune to Water attacks and weak against Fire, and the red one is weak against Water and immune to Fire. The goblin doesn't attack directly, but instead bosses the Mud-Eaters around. All attacks are counterattacked somehow, depending on the attack. If either Mud-Eater dies, the goblin starts countering attacks against itself by healing itself and any remaining Mud-Eaters for 150 HP each. The goblin has very high defense, so killing it at this point is nearly impossible, though it eventually runs away when alone. The easiest way to finish the battle is to bring Marle and Lucca and use their elemental combos with Crono to take out the Mud-Eaters quickly, then just sit there and laugh at the Goblin until it runs away. However, Ayla can steal a Speed Capsule from the Goblin, an Elixir from the red Mud-Eater, and a (very rare) Mermaid Helmet from the blue Mud-Eater. It's also possible (though difficult) to win by taking out only the goblin. Anyway, the chain leads up to a mountain that floats in the air....

なげきの山 B.C.12,000 Grief Mountain Mountain of Woe

Visibility is low, monsters tend to show up out of nowhere, and wind noises replace the music. Different sections of the mountain are connected with more chains. Ayla can steal new weapons from many of the monsters here. There are also rock monsters every so often. These disable skill and item usage at the beginning of battle, are difficult to hit, and run away if they survive long enough. If you manage to kill one before it runs, though, it gives 1000 experience and an obscene 100 tech points. Each one can only be fought once, so try to make it count. Ayla is ideal because of her high hit rate, and the Hit Ring helps too. They don't really have that many hit points, so you only need to connect a few times. On the screen after the second save point, there's a Magic Capsule in the corner. The sky gets darker as the party climbs up the next chain.... At the top is a strange platform, with a large blue crystal in the middle.

The second character speaks.


Marle: The Philosopher of Life is being
imprisoned here....

Marle: The Guru of Life's trapped in

Lucca: The Philosopher of Life is being
imprisoned here....

Lucca: The Guru of Life's trapped in

Robo: It IS here. The place where the
Philosopher of Life IS BEING confined.

Robo: Here we will find the Guru
 of Life!

Frog: So it's here... the place where the
Philosopher of Life's being imprisoned....

Frog: Ah, 'tis where the Guru of
 Life remains imprisoned.
エイラ「これ デッカい オリか? Ayla: This is huge cage? Ayla: This big cage?

The crystal starts to disappear.

The third character reacts.

マール「見て! 消えてゆくわ! Marle: Look! It's disappearing! Marle: Look!
 It's disappearing!
ルッカ「消える!? そんなバカな! Lucca: It's disappearing!? That can't be! Lucca: It's disappearing!
ロボ「コ、コレハ! Robo: Wh, what IS this! Robo: What's happening?!
カエル「! 消えてゆく! Frog: ! It's disappearing! Frog: 'Tis disappearing!
エイラ「クロ! あれ見ろ! Ayla: Cro! Look that! Ayla: Crono!

A big monster rises out of the depths. Hope everyone's healed.... The two arms jointly use Dark and Fire magic against the group, and can also act alone. The Fire attack is both stronger and more common. Equip your characters with the Red Plate, Red Vest, and Black Plate to absorb some of the attacks for best results. The body, which is the real target, doesn't attack, but it will periodically bring the arms back to life. Take out the arms to stop their attacks, then let loose on the body. Ayla can steal a Speed Capsule. After the battle, Manoria Cathedral plays, and the crystal reappears and dissolves, freeing the Philosopher of Life, who looks quite familiar....

The second character in the lineup is incredulous.

マール「ボ、ボッシュ!? Marle: B, Bosch!? Marle: M, Melchior?!
ルッカ「ボ、ボッシュ!? Lucca: B, Bosch!? Lucca: Melchior?!
ロボ「ボ、ボッシュさん? Robo: B, Bosch-san? Robo: Mr. Melchior?
カエル「ボッシュのじいさん……! Frog: Old man Bosch....! Frog: Old man Melchior!?
エイラ「ボッシュのジジイ? Ayla: Old guy Bosch? Ayla: Melchior?

Bosch: Indeed, I am Bosch....
But that's odd, how do you know
my name? You do realize this is
my first time meeting you all?
But never mind that, what of the Queen,
of the Abyssal Temple project?
Do you know anything?

MELCHIOR: Indeed, I am Melchior.
Have we...met before?
More importantly, can you tell me
anything about the Ocean Palace?


Bosch: Mmh, I see....
The Queen's mind, so far already....

MELCHIOR: I see...the Queen has
degenerated to that degree...


Bosch: The greater the energy that the
Demonic Vessel sucks up grows, the
more the Queen loses her sanity....
The Queen's human mind has been
consumed by the immortal god Lavos
that sleeps beneath the ocean....

MELCHIOR: The more energy the
Mammon Machine absorbs, the
further the Queen degenerates.
Her spirit has been stolen by the
infamous immortal, Lavos.

The mountain rumbles.

ボッシュ「む! ここの封印を解いたため
  山が落ちるぞ! 急いで下りるのじゃ!

Bosch: Mh! The mountain will fall since you
broke the seal here! Decend quickly!

MELCHIOR: We must flee!
 The seal has been broken!
 The mountain will collapse!

In the village below, a man rushes into the elder's room.

長老! な、なげきの山が!! Elder! G, Grief Mountain!! Elder! The Mountains of Woe is about to

A child and parents are near the bottom of the chain.

ママ、お山が落ちてくるです~! Mama, the mountain's falling down! Mommy, the mountain's gonna fall!

The chain shatters, and the mountain flies off a short distance before falling to the ground nearby.

地の民の洞窟 B.C.12,000 Earth People's Cave Terra Cave

Bosch and Crono's party are safely in the elder's room. No music plays.


Bosch: Lavos is consuming this planet
as it sleeps beneath the ocean.
If they moved the Demonic Vessel all
the way to the ocean floor, I fear that
Lavos itself might be awakened...!
If we don't do something before it's
too late, terrible things will happen....

MELCHIOR: Lavos sleeps deep
 underground, while consuming the
 energy of this planet.
 If the Mammon Machine is brought
 closer to him, he may awaken!
 We must hurry before it's
 too late!

A man walks into the room.

長老! サラ様がおいでです! Elder! Sara-sama has come! Elder!
Schala is here!
ボッシュ「何、サラが? Bosch: What, Sara? MELCHIOR: What?
 Schala's here?

Sara's Theme starts playing, and Sara walks into the room, followed by Jyaki.


Elder: Sara-sama... why have you come
to such a place as this...?

ELDER: Miss Schala...why have you come
 to such a miserable place?

Sara: Please stop....
We People of the Light were once just like you.
The difference is nothing more than that we
are compelled to dance by Lavos's power....

SCHALA: Stop degrading yourselves!
 We Enlightened Ones were once the
 same as you.
 The only difference is that we are
 under Lavos's control...
ジャキ「……きたない所。 Jyaki: ...filthy place. JANUS: What a filthy hovel.

Sara: Bosch....
I thought that I would be able to see you
if I came here, since Grief Mountain fell.

SCHALA: Melchior...
 After the Mountain of Woe fell, I
 thought I would find you here!

Bosch: Is it all right for you to do such
a thing as leaving the palace?

MELCHIOR: Is it safe for you to leave
 the palace?

Sara: This is no time to worry about that.
I'm afraid the Abyssal Temple is complete!

SCHALA: That no longer matters!
 The Ocean Palace is now operational!
ボッシュ「間に合わなかったか! Bosch: I wasn't in time?! MELCHIOR: Then all is lost!

Sara: However, the Demonic Vessel will
not work if I am not there....
The Demonic Vessel, I will no longer....
I have opened the Sky Road.
Quickly, the Queen....
Please stop my mother!

SCHALA: But without me, the Mammon
 Machine won't work.
 I have turned my back on that evil
 I've kept the Skyway open.
 You must mother!

The music fades out.

「そこまでにしていただきましょうか。 "Let's have you stop right there, shall we? Why don't we keep it right there...

Dalton walks into the room.

サラ「ダ、ダルトン! Sara: D, Dalton! SCHALA: Dalton!

Dalton: It's problematic if we don't have
you running it. Isn't it... Sara-sama.

DALTON: Tisk, tisk my dear.
 Your presence is required elsewhere!

Bosch: Dalton!
I won't let you do as you please!

 Leave her alone!

Dalton just laughs at this.


Dalton: Old man, I can't stand
how you reek of preaching.

 The geezer speaks!
 Silence, old man!

He blasts Bosch with magic, rushes over, and grabs Sara.

ボッシュ「ぐはっ! Bosch: gwah! MELCHIOR: Argh!

Dalton: Now, I'm having her come down
to the Abyssal Temple with me.
Interfere, and Sara-sama's life....

DALTON: You'll come to the Ocean Palace
 with me.
 Do anything funny, and Schala's dust.
 Got it?
ジャキ「姉上! Jyaki: Ane-ue! JANUS: Schala!

Dalton smacks Jyaki across the room.


Dalton: Oh come on, it's no good that
every damn one of the brats with the
Queen's blood is stubborn.

DALTON: The Queen's children all seem
 to have a problem with authority,
 don't they?

Crono and the others draw their weapons.


Dalton: Whoa, don't you guys interfere either.
I'm not one bit scared of the Queen or
anyone. I'm ready to take the head of a
little girlie like this one any time!

DALTON: Stay back.
 The life of this woman means
 nothing to me!

Crono and the others put their weapons away.


Dalton: Now then, let us go, Sara-sama.
Your kindly mother eagerly awaits you.

DALTON: Shall we get going, Schala,
 Your mother awaits!

Can't you just feel the sarcasm oozing? Bleh.

Dalton disappears in a flash, taking Sara with him. Silent Light resumes playing as usual.

The third party member checks on Bosch.

マール「ボッシュ! Marle: Bosch! Marle: Melchior!
ルッカ「ボッシュ! Lucca: Bosch! Lucca: Melchior!
ロボ「ボッシュサン! Robo: Bosch-san! Robo: Mr. Melchior!
カエル「じ、じーさん! Frog: O, old man! Frog: Melchior!
エイラ「ジジイ だいじょうぶか!? Ayla: Old guy okay!? Ayla: Old man.

Bosch: I'm all right....
If we don't somehow rescue Sara,
terrible things will....

MELCHIOR: I'm all right.
 But we must save Schala, or

Elder: That's unreasonable!
Even for you, Bosch-sama....

ELDER: Impossible!
 Even though it's coming from YOU,

Bosch: But if this plan is carried out,
all mankind, no, all life will be
exposed to a crisis...!

MELCHIOR: If the Queen is allowed to
 fulfill her scheme, all life as we
 know it, is doomed!

The music fades out. Chrono Trigger starts up instead, and Crono steps forward and shakes his head.


Bosch: Y, you guys....
You mean you'll go for me...?

MELCHIOR: You're willing to challenge
 the Queen?

Crono nods.


Bosch: Thanks.... I don't even know your
names, and you're doing everything....

MELCHIOR: You've done so much for us...
 ...and I don't even know your names!

The second character replies.


Marle: If it's our names you want,
you'll find out eventually!

Marle: You'll find out soon enough!
ルッカ「いいのよ! そのうち

Lucca: Don't mention it! We're going
to owe you one later on!

Lucca: That's OK.
 Someday, maybe we'll need your

Robo: NO, we ARE also indebted to
you. This is GIVE AND TAKE.

Robo: You've already helped us.
 Let us return the favor.

Frog: Don't worry about it.
We owe you one for having
you repair the Grandleon.

Frog: Worry not thine head.
 Thou hath fixed the Masamune!
  クロ達 助けた。
  今度 エイラの番。

Ayla: Old guy, used red stone,
helped Cros.
This time Ayla's turn.

Ayla: Gramps use red stone.
 Help Crono.
 Now, Ayla help you.
ボッシュ「な、何? Bosch: Wh, what? MELCHIOR: What ARE you talking about?

Of course he has no idea what they mean. For him, it hasn't happened yet!

The third character calls for some action.

マール「さ、急がなきゃ、クロノ! Marle: C'mon, we've gotta hurry, Crono! Marle: Crono!
 Let's get going!
ルッカ「行くわよ、クロノ! Lucca: We're going, Crono! Lucca: Come on, Crono!
ロボ「クロノ、急ぎマショウ! Robo: Crono, LET US hurry! Robo: Crono, let us hurry!
カエル「クロノ、行くぞ! Frog: Crono, we're going! Frog: Crono, let us be on our
エイラ「さ 行く クロ!! Ayla: Now we go, Cro!! Ayla: Crono!
 We go now.
ボッシュ「まて、これを持って行け……。 Bosch: Wait, take this with you.... MELCHIOR: Wait, take this with you.

He holds out a bright red blade. It looks a lot like the one Cyrus used in Frog's flashback.


Bosch: This was made from the same shard
of red stone as the Demonic Vessel.
With it, you can break the Demonic Vessel....

MELCHIOR: It's made from the same red
 stone as the Mammon Machine.
 With it, you can destroy the Machine!
あかきナイフを手に入れた! Got the Red Knife! Got 1 Ruby Knife!

After the recent events, many of the villagers have different things to say. Picking a few...

The Philosophers of Reason and Time have gone
missing, and even Sara-sama has been seized.'s impossible to stop the Queen's plans any
more, isn't it?
The Gurus of Time and Reason are
missing, along with Miss Schala.
Can no one stop the Queen?
Jyaki-sama headed for the Sky Road
to save Sara-sama.
Sir Janus is headed toward the Skyway
to save Miss Schala!

The party heads out to rescue Sara and stop the Queen's plan.... Incidentally, the Gate is no longer sealed, but with the Sylbird, it's also no longer important.

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