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足跡! 追跡!! Footprints! Pursuit!! Footsteps! Follow!
イオカ村 B.C.65 million Ioka Village Ioka Village

Crono wakes up the next morning to find that everyone else has left, and that there are odd footprints everywhere.

Crono wakes the other two up, in this order...


Robo: G, good MORning....
It seems that for humans,
that fluid has a special effect.

Robo: G...good morning.
that soup seems to affect humans.

  え? 私そんな事したの?

Lucca: Unngh.... ow ow ow....
Huh? I did such a thing?
You're lying!
But what's with this headache...?

Lucca: Phew...
I was a perfect lady last night!
But why does my tummy hurt so...?


Marle: Morning, Crono.
Last night was really fun!

Marle: Morning Crono!
Wasn't that fun last night?!

Lucca, if present, notices a few things, otherwise Marle does...


Lucca: H, hold on, what the!
These footprints!!
It, it's gone!
Th, th, the Gate Holder
is gone....

Lucca: Hey!
Who made these footprints?!
It's gone!
The Gate Key's been taken!

マール「な、何? この足跡!
  大変! ゲートホルダーが

Marle: Wh, what? These footprints!
It, it's not here!
This is awful! The Gate Holder
is gone!!

Marle: Wh...who made these
It, it's gone!
Oh no!
The Gate Key is gone!

Lucca, if present, expands on the problem, otherwise Robo does.


Lucca: Whoever made these
footprints took the Gate Holder....
Without that, we'll be here
until we die....

Lucca: These prints were left by
the thief!
Without it, we're stuck here


Robo: It is NEARLY certain that the
one who made these footprints is
the one who took the Gate Holder.
Utilizing a Gate without the Gate
Holder IS too dangerous.

Robo: Whomever left these prints
took the Gate Key!
It's too risky to use the Gate
without it.

...and finally, whoever noticed the missing item suggests a plan of action.


Lucca: Th, this is no laughing matter!
Let's try asking Ayla!

Lucca: This isn't funny!
Let's go see Ayla!


Marle: Let's try talking it over with
Ayla, Crono!

Marle: Crono!
Let's go find Ayla!

Crono and the others go to Ayla's tent. She's still asleep, and...

エイラ「グガ~ グゴゴ~! Ayla: Ayla: snore~ snkkkh~! Ayla: Snort...zzzz...zzzz...

...snoring loudly. Crono manages to get her to wake up, and Ayla's Theme starts up.

  おう クロ 起きたか……
  岩石クラッシュ 飲みすぎた。

Ayla: Nh....
Oh, Cro up...?
Drank too much Rock Crash.

Ayla: Huh...
Crono, you up already?
Too much soup!
Sleep like stone.

Lucca makes the request if she's around, otherwise Marle does.


Lucca: Sorry to bother you when you're hung
over, but it looks like something important
was stolen while we were sleeping.

Lucca: Sorry to wake you, but
we've been robbed!


Marle: Sorry to bother you when you're
feeling bad. Something important to us...
was stolen.

Marle: We'd let you sleep, but a
valuable item has been stolen.

エイラ「な、何? きっと 恐竜……
  恐竜人 しわざ!
  クロ エイラと いっしょに来い!
  まだ 誰か 来るか?

Ayla: Wh, what? Dino....
Dinomen must have done!
Cro come with Ayla!
Someone else come?

Ayla: Wh, what?
Must be Reptites!
Crono come with
We settle with Reptites!
Who else come?

Ayla joins the group here, and the player picks the third party member.

エイラ「村の中 見た者 いるはず。
  まず 話 聞く!
  クロ 行く…… ウップ!

Ayla: Should be person who saw
in village. First ask story!
Cro, we go.... urrp!

Ayla: Someone from village see.
We go ask.
Crono come!

Ayla has low magical stats, but she's so strong physically that she often hits harder than Crono despite fighting bare-handed. She's also quite fast, and has abnormally high accuracy and evasion. She starts with no skills, but learns some basic ones quickly, and, like Robo, doesn't stop after two. Also like Robo, she has no elemental symbol on her status screen (but does have a small innate resistance to the fire element). Anyway, one of the villagers has a lead.

俺 見た 恐竜人。
広場から 出てきた。
南のまよいの森 入った。
Me saw Dinomen.
Left from village square.
Went in Bewilderment Forest to south.
Me saw Reptites.
Came from meeting site.
Went south to Forest Maze.

Before going there, though, exploring the village reveals a trading post with new equipment, but they only accept special trading items: Flower Petals, Fangs, Horns, and Feathers. Most monsters in this era drop trading items, but there's no better place to hunt than the forest to the north...

Oddly, the trading hut has weapons that shouldn't exist yet, including crossbows and even guns! Arguably Lucca adapts raw materials, but still....

かりの森 B.C.65 million Hunting Forest Hunting Range

Rhythm of Wind, Sky, and Earth keeps playing here. There are some weak frogs and piles of goop wandering around that drop more trading items than normal monsters. To make things more interesting, it rains every so often. While it's raining, the frogs and goops hide in the underbrush, but a strange blue creature often comes out in one of several places. It looks like a large ball with short legs, long arms, an oversized face, and a green mohawk. The party can fight it, and the battle screen calls it a ヌゥ (Nu). It can knock a character down to exactly one hit point in a single attack, but isn't really that hard to beat. It not only gives a whopping 30 tech points, but also hands over....

おまえら 強い!
これ あげる!!
Yous strong!
I give this!!
You strong!
Recieved three each Flower Petals,
Fangs, Horns, and Feathers!!
Got 3 each of the following: Petals,
Fangs, Horns, and Feathers !!

As an added bonus, the first time the party beats one....

おまえら ホント 強い!
Yous truly strong!
I give this too while here!
You plenty strong!
『サードアイ』をもらった! Recieved "Third Eye"! Got a "Third Eye!"

After trading for supplies and building up skills, Crono and the others resume the search for the missing Gate Holder.

まよいの森 B.C.65 million Bewilderment Forest Forest Maze

Rhythm of Wind, Sky, and Earth keeps playing here. The forest is deep, a bit confusing, and shadowy. Kino, the man who seemed despressed at the party, is standing near the entrance, looking deeper into the woods. Ayla confronts him.

エイラ「キーノ ここで 何してる! Ayla: Kino, what you doing here!? Ayla: Kino!
 What you do?!

He turns around, but just stares at the ground. Ayla starts getting mad.

エイラ「どした 言え キーノ! Ayla: Say what did, Kino! Ayla: Say NOW!

He finally looks at her, hesitantly.

キーノ「ゴ、ゴメン エイラ……
  クロ達の物 キーノ ぬすんだ……

Kino: S, sorry, Ayla....
Kino stole Cros' thing....

Kino: Ayla...
 Kino take Crono stuff.
エイラ「なぜ とった! Ayla: Why took!? Ayla: Why take?!
キーノ「キーノ エイラ 好き 一番!
  エイラ クロ 好き 言う。
  キーノ それ イヤ……

Kino: Kino like Ayla best!
Ayla say she like Cro.
Kino not like that....

Kino: Kino like Ayla best.
 Ayla like Crono, but Kino not

Ayla hits him. Hard.


Marle: Marle: H, hold on, Ayla,
don't go so far....

Marle: Ayla!
 Mellow out!
Lucca: Hiiii, t, that's terribly Spartan.... Lucca: Wow, talk about strict!

Sparta was a Greek city-state known for its militarism, as opposed to Athens, known for things like art and philosphy.


Robo: Ayla-san, brutality is NOT
permissable, NO brutality.

Robo: Miss Ayla, please do not
 promote violence.
エイラ「キーノ なぜ なぐられた
Ayla: Kino know why got hit? Ayla: Kino!
 You know why I punish?
キーノ「エイラ キーノ 好き
Kino: Because Ayla no like Kino.... Kino: Ayla no like Kino...
エイラ「それ 違う!
  エイラ キーノ 一番好き。
  だから いけない事 ゆるさない!
  それ 違う!!

Ayla: That wrong!
Ayla like Kino best.
That why not allow bad things!
That wrong!!

Ayla: No!
 Ayla like Kino BEST!
 No more do bad stuff, okay?!
 That wrong!
  ゴメン エイラ!
  ゴメン クロ!

Kino: Ayla....
Sorry, Ayla!
Sorry, Cro!

Kino: Ayla...
 Sorry Ayla!
 Sorry Crono!
エイラ「さ、クロ達に 大事な物

Ayla: Now, give back important
thing to Cros!

Ayla: Give back stuff to Crono!
  恐竜人 持って行かれた……

Kino: ...not have.
Taken by Dinomen....

Kino: ...No have... Reptites take!

Ayla: Dinomen!!
Which way went!?

Ayla: Reptites!!
 Where they go?!
キーノ「この木の間 入ってった…… Kino: Went in these trees.... Kino: Run into trees...there!
エイラ「エイラ達 行く。
  キーノ 村 もどる。
  エイラ いない時 キーノ
  村 守る!

Ayla: Aylas go.
Kino go back village.
Kino protect village when
Ayla not there!

Ayla: Ayla go too.
 Kino go back village.
 Kino protect village when Ayla
 not there.
キーノ「わかった エイラ! Kino: Got it, Ayla! Kino: Okay, Ayla!

Kino leaves. Ayla gazes after him.

エイラ「キーノ 男……
  エイラ 死んだり 子供出来たら
  キーノ 酋長。

Ayla: Kino man....
If Ayla die, have baby,
whatever, Kino chief.

Ayla: Kino is man... so if Ayla
 die, Kino chief then.
マール「エイラ…… Marle: Ayla.... Marle: Ayla...
ルッカ「強いな、エイラは。 Lucca: You're awfully strong, Ayla. Lucca: Ayla's one tough cookie.
  言って… スミマセン。

Robo: Ayla-san, for saying such a
thing as brutality... I am SORRY.

Robo: Ayla, you are gentle at
エイラ「さ 恐竜人 追う!
  クロ達 大事な物 取り返す!

Ayla: Now, we chase Dinomen!
Take back Cros' important thing!

Ayla: Chase Reptites!
 Get back Crono stuff!!

The forest is a bit confusing, but there are footprints to follow, and the monsters are nothing special, so they soon reach the other side.

恐竜人アジト B.C.65 million Dinomen Hideout Reptite Lair

Primeval Mountain plays in here. It's a stange network of underground caves. Some of the monsters will drill holes in the floor that lead to other sections of the cave, if left alone for long enough. After jumping down several holes and exploring around, Crono and the others hear a voice.... 3-2 ティラン城 (Tyran Castle) starts playing.

What on earth is this...?
Something so advanced,
did those monkeys really...?
What's this?!
Could those apes have made something
THIS advanced?

The screen scrolls up to show a large Dinoman, who wears a pinks cape and large blue shoulder-thingies, and is holding the Gate Holder.

エイラ「アザーラ!! Ayla: Azarla!! Ayla: Azala!!

Azarla: They've come, the monkeys....
Oh? You seem to be of a marginally
different quality than Ayla and the others....
Huhu, perfect timing.
What do you use this device for...?

AZALA: Ah, the apes have arrived!
 You're nothing like Ayla...
 Tell me what this is, at once!

If the party decides to explain...


Azarla: You lie.
Even I didn't expect that I could
get you to tell me so easily....
But how about this?

AZALA: Liars!
 No one would talk that easily.
 This should loosen your tongues.

If they refuse to explain....


Azarla: Then I have no choice....
I'll make you want to talk!

AZALA: I guess you need
アザーラ「出でよ ニズベール! Azarla: Come forth, Nizbel! AZALA: Come, Nizbel!

出で (ide) is fairly uncommon, but means "come here" or "come out".

A large, bipedal, very muscular triceratops stomps out and attacks.... This boss takes very little damage, but as with most dinosaurs, lightning attacks stun it, and also drop its defense to normal levels. While stunned, Nizbel does nothing, but eventually releases an electric burst, recovering his high defense and damaging the entire party. Ayla can steal a Third Eye if she somehow already has the technique that lets her steal. Nizbel soon meets extinction....


Azarla: I... I can't believe Nizbel
lost to the monkeys....

AZALA: Th...the apes beat Nizbel!
エイラ「さ クロ達の それ 返せ! Ayla: Now, give back Cros' that! Ayla: Give thing back to Crono.

Azarla: ....but remember.
This earth belongs to
we Dinomen....

AZALA: But remember, WE Reptites will
 rule the world!

Azarla drops the Gate Holder and backs away.


Azarla: We will not give it over to
the likes of you monkeys!

AZALA: Your days are numbered!

Azarla leaves.

The third character picks up the Gate Holder.


Marle: Is, is the Gate Holder safe?
Thank goodness.
It looks like it's okay.

Marle: Is the Gate Key okay?
 Thank goodness!
 It looks all right.

Lucca: It, it's not broken.
The Gate Holder!
Phew, it's okay.
Now we can return!

Lucca: Is the Gate Key okay?
 No problem!

Robo: It IS all right.
NO notable faults ARE found.

Robo: I do not detect any damage.
エイラ「いつでも来る アザーラ!
  エイラ 負け……
  ウ…… ウゲ……

Ayla: Come any time Azarla!
Ayla no los....
u... ugeh....

Ayla: I fight anytime, Azala!
 Ayla no lose!

Ayla suddenly drops to the ground.

エイラ「ゲエーッ! ゲロゲロ……! Ayla: ghehhh! ghkhkh......! Ayla: Bbburp!

The rest of the party looks shocked and/or grossed out.

イオカ村 B.C.65 million Ioka Village Ioka Village

Ayla, Kino, Crono, the third party member from earlier, and one of the others (unsure how the member to replace Ayla is chosen) stand in Ayla's hut.

エイラ「クロ 行くか……。
  エイラ つまらない。

Ayla: Cro go...?
Ayla bored.

Ayla: You leave, Crono?
 No fun for Ayla!

Lucca replies if present, otherwise Marle does.


Lucca: Thanks, Ayla.
We've learned a lot from you.

Lucca: Thanks Ayla.
 I learned a lot from you.

Marle: We owe you one for all
you've done.... It's been fun.

Marle: I'll never forget you!
キーノ「ゴメン クロ。
  キーノ 強くなる クロよりも!

Kino: Sorry, Cro.
Kino get stronger, more than Cro!

Kino: Sorry, Crono.
 I try be strong now.
 Just like Crono!
エイラ「また来い クロ!
  うたげやる。 飲む。 食べる。
  踊る。 戦う。 楽しい!

Ayla: Come again, Cro!
Have party. Drink. Eat.
Dance. Fight. Fun!

Ayla: Come again, Crono!
 Party! Eat! Dance!

The party heads back to the mountain where they arrived, and jumps into the Gate.

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