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赤い石 めずらしい石 Red Stone, Rare Stone The Rare Red Rock
時の最果て The Farthest Reaches of Time The End of Time

The old man is still here, leaning on the streetlamp, as usual. Crono tries talking to him.


Old Man: Dreamstone...?
That sounds somewhat familiar.
It's an ore from long, long, long ago....
Might you not be able to find it if you
go perhaps to the Primeval era?

OLD MAN: Dreamstone?...
I've heard of it, of course.
It's a prehistoric mineral...
You might find it way back in the
prehistoric era.

That B.C.65 million gate is suddenly looking useful....

不思議山 B.C.65 million Mystery Mountain Mystic Mts

It's about what you'd except from a prehistoric mountain, with rocky cliffs, overgrown unidentifiable foliage, and so on. 2-18 原始の山 (Primeval Mountain) plays. Just to make things interesting, the Gate opens on the side of a sheer cliff. Crono and the others fall to the ground, where a bunch of anthropomorphic lizards, or possibly dinosaurs, are running around.

Both non-Crono characters speak, in the order listed.

ルッカ「み、緑のウロコのはだ! Lucca: Gr, green scaley skin! Lucca: They're all green and scaly!
マール「な、何? こいつら!? Marle: Wh, what are they? These things!? Marle: Wh...what are those?

Robo: Midway between human and dinosaur....
It IS an unlikely mode of life.

Robo: Half human, half dinosaur...
An unlikely life form.

The Dinomen surround the party and attack, moving like they've had waaay too much sugar and can't sit still. They have tough skins, but don't take magic well, especially Crono's Sky-based skills. Another, larger group closes in after the first is beaten.

Lucca and Marle each react if present, in that order if both are.

ルッカ「数が多すぎるわ! Lucca: There's too many! Lucca: We're outnumbered!
マール「どうしよう、クロノ! Marle: What'll we do, Crono!?

Marle: What should we do,

Suddenly, a cavewoman with messy blonde hair and wearing very little except for a... something that looks like a tail... shows up and plows through the pack of Dinomen, killing about half of them. 2-19 エイラのテーマ (Ayla's Theme) plays.

Everyone except Crono says something about her.

マール「つっよーい! Marle: Whoa, so strong!

Marle: Goodness!
She is tough!

ルッカ「な、何なの? あの女? Lucca: Wh, what's WITH her? That woman! Lucca: Who IS that woman?!

Robo: Her combat capability level far
exceeds human levels.

Robo: Her fighting capabilities far
exceed those of humans!

Several surviving Dinomen turn back toward Crono as the woman leaves.

Marle reacts if present, otherwise Robo does.

マール「残りがこっち来るよ! Marle: The rest are coming this way!

Marle: Uh oh...they're coming our


Robo: It APPEARS they have changed
their target to US.

Robo: Now they're after us!

Then the survivors attack, but they're no worse than last time. Soon after they fall, the woman comes back. She still seems ready for a fight.

Marle speaks if present, otherwise Lucca does. Robo follows up either way, if present.

マール「な、何…… Marle: Wh, what.... Marle: Wh...what do you want?
ルッカ「な、何よ……! Lucca: Wh, what...! Lucca: What the...!

Robo: We MUST not EXCITE her.
Her present mental state is
extremely agitated.

Robo: Do not upset her.
She's rather agitated right now.

The woman changes stance, and looks ready to attack.

Marle reacts if present, otherwise Lucca does.

マール「キャッ! Marle: Kyah! Marle: Ack!
ルッカ「や、やろうってーの!? Lucca: Y, you wanna fight!?

Lucca: We're not looking for a

The woman suddenly charges Crono, pinning him against the cliff with little difficulty.

「クロノ! "Crono! Crono!

Robo has a line in the ROM that should go here, but I can't get him to actually say it in-game:


Robo: Her ability to move suddenly
also greatly EXCEEDS human levels.

Robo: Her...expressive abilities are
also greater.

The woman steps back and tosses her hair. She seems to have calmed down. Primeval Mountain resumes playing.

女「強いな お前。
  クロ いうか。 いい名だ。
  あたいか? あたいの名は……

Woman: You strong.
What is name?
Called Cro? Is good name.
Me? My name....

Woman: You strong.
What name?
Crono, huh?
Good name.

あたい is not a common word, but is a first -person pronoun, equivalent to "I", "me", etc. From what I've been able to find out, it's feminine, but tough.

In the JP version, the cavemen all refer to Crono by the first two kana in whatever name the player chose for him back at the beginning of the game. Unfortunately, the NA version doesn't use a nickname at all, even though the text in the ROM is set up so to handle it.

Time to name that cavewoman... which of course means she joins the party later.

エイラ「エイラ いう。
  エイラ 強い男 好き。
  だから エイラ クロ 好き。

Ayla: Called Ayla.
Ayla like strong men.
So Ayla like Cro.

Ayla: Me Ayla.
Ayla like strong people.
So Ayla like Crono!

That's an English long 'a' sound, like in "eight", not a long 'i', like in "eye". Just so you know.

Marle and Lucca each speak if present, in that order if both are here.

マール「は、はなれてよ、クロノ! Marle: G, get away from her, Crono! Marle: Get away from her,

Lucca: You've been found suitable
to be Ayla's, Crono....

Lucca: I think she likes you,

This is messier than I thought... 気に入る means (approximately) to be pleased with, but it's in passive form, and on top of that it's エイラのに and not エイラに, which is what I'd expect. The only way the エイラのに works grammatically is with the …のものとして (in a role as something of...) variant of のに, so it's something like "as Ayla's". In short, she means Ayla thinks Crono's husband material.

エイラ「お前達も 強い。
  エイラ 強い者 好き。
  男でも 女でも。

Ayla: Yous strong too.
Ayla like strong people.
Man, woman, not matter.

Ayla: You strong too.
Ayla respect strong people.
Men and women.

If present, Marle giggles.

マール「な~んだ、そういう事か。 Marle: What's THAT supposed to mean? Marle: Oh, brother...

If present, Lucca looks embarrased, or something.

ルッカ「わ、私は、そのケはないわよ! Lucca: I, I don't swing that way!

Lucca: Where have they been
keeping her?

If the game had been translated more recently, the censors might have let this joke live. Maybe.

If Robo is present, Ayla takes several good looks at him.

ロボ「な、何デショウカ? Robo: Wh, what MIGHT it BE? Robo: Y, yes?
エイラ「お前 変わったヤツ。

Ayla: You weird guy.
But strong.

Ayla: You different, but strong


Robo: It is BECAUSE I AM a robot,
unlike all of you.

Robo: It's because I'm a robot.
エイラ「ロボット? 何だそれ?
  エイラ わからない。

Ayla: Robot? What that?
Ayla not understand.

Ayla: "Rawboot?" What that?
Ayla don't know.

"Rawboot"? She's prehistoric, not deaf. There's no way she could muck up the pronunciation that badly. Try "row bought" if playing with it is necessary.


Robo: It IS a humanoid machine
built by humans.

Robo: It's a machine that looks like
a man.

エイラ「お前 何言ってる。
  わからない事 言うな。
  エイラ 頭 火山 なる。

Ayla: What you say?
No say not understand thing.
Ayla head go volcano.

Ayla: What you say?!
No rubbish or Ayla, head go

Ayla: What you say!! CATS: You have no chance to survive make your time.   ...what?

エイラ「クロ達 どっから来た? Ayla: Where Cros come from? Ayla: Crono, where from?

Ayla's primitive speech gives me an excuse to translate 達 as something short and simple for a change. I think the closest English comes to matching it is "and the other(s)", and that's not nearly as concise. It's a pluralizer that's more versatile than adding 's'! Stupid English.

Marle speaks if present, and Robo speaks if present, in that order if both are.


Marle: Uh, errr, I wonder how we
should put this....

Marle: Uh, how can we explain?

Robo: It IS impossible to explain it so
that THIS person can comprehend.

Robo: It is beyond her grasp.

Robo's probably right, but even so, Lucca tries explaining if present, otherwise Marle does.


Lucca: We came from tomorrow's tomorrow's
tomorrow's.... way far off tomorrow.

Lucca: We're from way after the
day after tomorrow.


Marle: We came from a waaay, waaay,
waaay ahead tomorrow.

Marle: We're from many days
ahead of tomorrow.

エイラ「ハハハ! お前 面白い。
  エイラ 面白いヤツ 好き。

Ayla: Hahaha! You amusing.
Ayla like amusing people.

Ayla: Ha ha, you funny.
Ayla like funny people.

If present, Lucca admits defeat.

ルッカ「ダーメだ、こりゃ。 Lucca: This's hopeless. Lucca: It's no use...
エイラ「お前達 村 来る!
  かんげいする。 うたげやる。
  酒飲む! 踊る! 楽しい!!

Ayla: Yous come village!
Do welcome. Have party.
Drink sake! Dance! Fun!!

Ayla: Come to village!
We talk and eat.
Dance! Eat!

If present, Lucca trys to politely decline, otherwise Marle does.


Lucca: We would really love to
come, but we're looking for a
stone called Dreamstone.

Lucca: We'd love to go, but we've
got to look for the Dreamstone now.


Marle: I appreciate the sentiment,
but now's not the time for that....
We're looking a stone called

Marle: Thank you but we can't.
We're looking for a Dreamstone.

エイラ「石か? 石 いっぱい。
  そこにも ここにも 村にも。
  ほしければ いっぱい やる。

Ayla: Stone? Full of stone.
Here, there, in village too.
If want, give lots.

Ayla: Stone?
Plenty stones!
Here, there, at village.
You take plently.

エイラ「さ イオカの村 こっち。
  ついて来い クロ!

Ayla: Come, Ioka Village this way.
Follow, Cro!

Ayla: Crono come, Ioka Village this way.

Ayla runs off, and Crono has little choice but to follow. Ayla takes to the heights, where Crono and the others can't reach, and Ayla's Theme starts playing again. Crono tries to keep up, but the gorge he has to run though is full of monsters, and she's out of sight before long. If Crono and the others wipe out the group of monsters nearest the exit, Ayla comes back to see what's taking so long.

エイラ「クロ おそい おそい! Ayla: Cro slow slow! Ayla: Crono too slow!
エイラ「さ イオカの村 こっち。
  ついて来い クロ!

Ayla: Come, Ioka Village this way.
Follow, Cro!

Ayla: Crono come, Ioka Village this way.

Crono follows Ayla off the mountain.

イオカ村 B.C.65 million Ioka Village Ioka Village

2-20 風と空と大地のリズム (Rhythm of Wind, Sky, and Earth), which is entirely simple percussion, plays on the B.C.65 million world map. Crono and the others find several tents and a large gathering area not far from the mountain. Ayla is alone inside the chieftain's tent, which is decorated with bear pelts, antlers, clay jars, and similar things.

エイラ「来たか クロ。
  もうすぐ 夜 来る。
  うたげの用意 出来た。
  こっち クロ!

Ayla: Cro here?
Night come soon.
Party preparing done.
This way, Cro!

Ayla: Good, Crono come.
Night soon and ready for party.
Come Crono!

Night comes. Ayla and Crono's group stand in front of a group of villagers in the gathering area. Torches and a large fire provide light. There is a variety of fish and less identifiable food, lots of some kind of drink, and musicians and dancers.

  強い男 クロ!
  その仲間 {char2} {char3}!

Ayla: Everyone listen!
Made new companions!
Strong man Cro!
{char2}, {char3} with him!

Ayla: Listen all!
New friends here!
Strong man.
Friends of Crono.
{char2}, {char3}!

{char2} and {char3} above stand for the names of the second and third party members.

一同「ウホホーッ!! All: Uhohohhhh!! All: Unngaaa!
エイラ「さ! ボボンガ 踊る!! Ayla: Now! We dance Bobonga!! Ayla: Now, we dance!

The villagers start dancing and playing music: 2-21 燃えよ!ボボンガ!(Burn! Bobonga!). Crono and the others roam around the party.

エイラ「さ クロも 飲み 食い
  歌い 踊れ!

Ayla: Come on, Cro too, drink, eat,
sing, dance!

Ayla: Crono, eat, sing, dance!

Ayla uses a rude word for "eat" here. I guess that's not really surprising.

Crono can talk to whichever characters are here.


Marle: They've gone to all this trouble,
so let's enjoy it, Crono!

Marle: C'mon Crono, let's party!
ルッカ「まいちゃったわね……。 Lucca: I give up.... Lucca: They're twisting my arm!

Robo: I do not feel that this IS a situation
in which to be doing such a thing....

Robo: This is no time to celebrate!

One villager stands off to the side by himself, away from the festivities.

キーノ「お前ら ヨソ者……
  エイラ お前達 かんげいする

Kino: Yous strangers....
Ayla welcome yous.
No understand....

Kino: You outsiders...
But Ayla give party.

A bit later.... Marle (if present) is chatting with Ayla, and everyone (even Robo) seems to be a bit drunk....


Marle: I'm kinda starting to feel
reeeeally good....

Marle: This is fantastic!
ルッカ「ヒック……。 Lucca: hic.... Lucca: Bur...rrp!

Robo: Th, this fluid...
has TOO many impurities...!

Robo: What an unpleasant
And so many bugs in it!

エイラ「飲んでるか? クロ!
  コレ 特別な時 飲む酒。
  岩石クラッシュ 言う カクテル。
  ウマイぞ キツイぞ。
  エイラ達 恐竜人
  恐竜人 リーダー アザーラ 言う。
  アザーラ とても 頭いい……。
  イオカ村 みな 戦う。
  戦わない者 ラルバの村 行く。
  ラルバの村 どこか わからない。
  恐竜人から いつも 逃げてる。
  アザーラ イオカも ラルバも
  でも エイラ 負けない。
  戦うのやめる それ エイラ
  ま いい。
  今日 クロ 会えた うれしい日。
  飲め 食え 歌え 踊れ!

Ayla: Drinking? Cro!
This sake, drink at special time.
Cocktail called Rock Crash.
Delicious, intense!
Aylas fighting Dinomen.
Dinomen leader called Azarla.
Azarla very smart....
Ioka village everyone fight.
No fight people go Laruba Village.
Laruba Village, no know where.
Always running from Dinomen.
Azarla plan get rid of Ioka,
Laruba both....
But Ayla not lose.
Stop fighting, that happen
when Ayla dead!
Well, enough.
Today happy met Cro day.
Drink, eat, sing, dance!

Ayla: Crono you try?!
Special Jurassic pork soup!
Good stuff!!
Ayla fight Reptites.
Their leader Azala.
Very smart.
All in Ioka village fight.
No fight, go to Laruba village.
Don't know where village is.
Always hide.
Azala want to destroy Ioka AND
But Ayla no lose.
Only when Ayla dead, give up!
Meet Crono today.
Good day!
Eat, party, sing, dance!

A bit later.... Marle has moved over by the dancers, while Robo says the same thing as before.


Marle: I'm gunna dansh too [heart]
Thishs the best [heart]
Crono, you dansh too!

Marle: I want to dance, too!
This is great!
C'mon Crono. Let's dance!

  クロノ! あんらも、飲みら!
  オラオラ! 男れしょーが!

Lucca: Ahh!
Crono! You drink too!
Go, go! Aincha a man!
Allit once, like gulp, gulp....
Kya, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

Lucca: Yumm.
Crono you've got to try some poi!
Are you a man or a mouse?!
Do it in one gulp!
Gyah ha ha!

They're getting too drunk to talk clearly, Luca especially....

エイラ「そうだ クロ
  お前達 探してるの この赤い石か?

Ayla: Oh yeah, Cro.
What yous looking for, this red stone?

Ayla: Crono, you look for red

Ayla pulls out a chunk of stone that glows red....

エイラ「これ とても めずらしい。
  この石 強いヤツのあかし。
  イオカの村で 一番強い エイラ!
  だから これ エイラの。
  ほしければ エイラと勝負!
  クロ 勝ったら コレ クロのもの。
  酒 たくさん たくさん
  今 うたげ だから 酒のむ。
  クロと エイラ どっちが
  たくさん 飲むか 勝負!

Ayla: This very rare.
This stone proof of strong guy.
Strongest in Ioka Village Ayla!
So this Ayla's.
If want, have match with Ayla!
If Cro win, this Cro's.
Bring much much sake!
It party now, so drink sake.
Cro and Ayla, which one
drink much contest!

Ayla: Rare, red rock sign of power.
Ayla strongest in Ioka village.
So Ayla's rock!
You want, you challenge Ayla.
You win, then Ayla give to you.
Bring plenty soup!
Party now, so eat!
Crono and Ayla have soup

Crono and Ayla sit by large bowls of sake (or "soup" for the squeamish). Villagers stand nearby to keep score and, presumably, refill the bowls.

エイラ「では 始めるぞ。

Ayla: Then we start.
A button barrage!

Ayla: We start now.
Push A button much times!

Crono and Ayla drink. And drink. And drink. If Crono does well, Ayla eventually gives in.

  もういい クロ……
  お前の勝ちだ……、この石 お前の物!
  クロ よく飲んだ。
  最後に もういっぱい お前の強さ
  じゃ 飲む……

Ayla: bwaaah...!
That enough, Cro....
You win... this stone yours!
Cro drank well.
One last drink, toast to
your strength!
We drink then....

Ayla: Burp!
Enough, Crono.
You win, I give you rock!
Crono eat plenty.
Eat last bowl for health!
Ok, eat.
Maybe eat too much!

"Kanpai!" is a toast, or something you say when drinking, sort of like "Cheers!"

The scene fades out....

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