Mission & Vision

It all started with a simple idea: novelize one of the greatest stories ever presented in a role-playing game (RPG) and, in so doing, transform it into an enthralling legend among literature.  Today, the Chrono Trigger Novel Project (CTNP) embodies a mission that reaches beyond the story itself and into the very culture of our modern media.

CTNP’s vision begins by publishing the first completed novel, which requires obtaining the necessary rights from Square-Enix.  An entire series of Chrono novels is planned to follow.  Currently, the first novel is titled Chrono Trigger: The Hero Rising.

Project Mission Statement:

With a keen focus on quality, enhancement, and preservation, to pursue the steps necessary to create and publish a full-length, epic-fantasy novel series based on the video games Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross, with new installments to expand the Chrono mythos.

It doesn’t stop here

The mission isn’t just about writing books and building a great brand.  The novel represents a special transmedia link between the worlds of video games and literature and beyond, bringing these together in a comprehensive and interesting way.  Proper novelization of the Chrono story allows for captivation, depth, background, character development, and an all-around experience that the game alone could never provide.  The novel becomes a complement to the game itself, feeding directly from it yet building upon it at the same time.  Readers should never feel like this is merely a game novelization but rather a work of epic fantasy.

This project is also about perseverance, showing both enthusiastic and dubious fans alike that any dream can be accomplished if accompanied by passion, purpose, acumen, patience, attention to detail, hope, and faith.  In this project, there is belief in light at the end of the tunnel.

Most of the work these days is behind-the-scenes

Today’s novel project focuses on two critical goals: getting the first novel publisher-ready and establishing the necessary business negotiations with Square-Enix.  For more about the novel itself, please check out the About the Novel page of this site.

If anyone from Square-Enix is reading this, CTNP is ready to talk business!  Please feel free to contact me so we may establish communications with the appropriate decision-makers.  CTNP highly respects and reveres the quality and integrity of the Chrono brand, including the property’s ownership by Square-Enix.  CTNP seeks to acquire the rights necessary to achieve the goals of this project.

Please note: CTNP is not officially affiliated with Square-Enix in any way and simply seeks to develop the necessary business relationship with the company in order to achieve ultimate and mutual success in this project.