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Recent Updates

05 Sep 2009: More revisions, fixed up the formatting on nearly every file, and changed mixed-caps (like "mixED") words in Robo's speech to either all caps or all normal case to cut back on the ugly. Some other terminology tweaks: 海底神殿 from the bland "Ocean Floor Temple" to the more evocative "Abyssal Temple", Frog's やろう from the overused "bastard" to the more distinctive "lowlife", Magus's きさま similarly from "bastard" to the more fitting "vermin". I can totally picture him sneering that. Anyway. Added alternate dialog possibilities to Crono's trial and the main ending. Added a bunch of missing NA version text. Added "spoiler masks" to general information pages.

And since I finally remembered to update the mirror for apparently the first time since February 2007 (yeesh!), the following three older updates are now here for the first time:

(07 Jun 2008): Fixed some typos, one of which caused a mistranslation. Magus says 他の者達 (others) when confronted, not 地の者達 (people of the earth).

(30 Dec 2007): I'm pretty much in the same situation as the last update as far as not knowing what changed, but at least this time I can say with certainty that I've added the terminology chart I was using to help with consistency during translation. I don't really know why I hadn't already done that, but...

(09 Jul 2007): To be perfectly honest, I'm not really sure what's changed since the last update. That's what I get for not updating for months at a time and not keeping track. But SOMETHING's different, even if it's just formatting.... (汗

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Chapter 1: Setting Out! The Dreamy Millenial Festival
Chapter 2: The Queen who Returned
Chapter 3: The Princess who Vanished
Chapter 4: I'm Home!
Chapter 5: Kingdom Trial
Chapter 6: Across the Ruins....
Chapter 7: Factory Ruins in the Country of Mystery
Chapter 8: The Farthest Reaches of Time
Chapter 9: People of the Demon Village
Chapter 10: Appeared: The Legendary Hero
Chapter 11: Tarta and Frog
Chapter 12: Red Stone, Rare Stone
Chapter 13: Footprints! Track!!
Chapter 14: Fight! Grandleon
Chapter 15: Decisive Battle! Magus Castle!!
Chapter 16: Before You Know It, Primeval
Chapter 17: Law of the Earth
Chapter 18: Kingdom of Magic: Zeal
Chapter 19: Release the Seal, Call Forth a Storm
Chapter 20: The Philosopher on Grief Mountain
Chapter 21: That Which Awaits in the Sky
Chapter 22: The Call of Lavos
Chapter 23: The Ancient Era's New King
Chapter 24: The Egg of Time
   Chapter 25:
To the Fateful Time....   
 Introduction   Reviving the Forest   Finishing off Vinnegar   The Birthplace of Machines 
 The Sun Stone   The Haunted Ruins   The Rainbow Shell   Conclusion 
Chapter 26: At the End of the Planet's Dream

The Endings (about 10% complete)

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